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November 9th, 2002

Philip (Away) 6 vs. Craig Sierak (Home)*3 *was played on Philip's Muno

Jerry (A) 2 vs. James (H) 4

Adam (A) 7 vs. Tommy (H)*0 * was played on James Mr. Hockey table

James (A) 7 vs. Craig (H)*14 * was played on Philip's Munro

Craig (A) 4 vs. Jerry (H) 2

James (A) 8 vs. Tommy (H)*0 * was played on Adam's Coleco

Philip (A) 1 vs. Jerry (H) 5



The most impressive thing about the second months action in the ACTHL, was the three hour drive by Craig Sierak of Camp Hill, PA. The man drove that distance to play a little game you call Table Hockey.

We were also cut short in our playing time. Management at the Green Rock failed to notify us that a party was to take place at 7:00pm. Now, I know what it must have been like for the New York Rangers during Circus time in the '20's-'50's. 

1928- The entire Stanley Cup series was played on Montreal Maroon ice. Ranger did win the Stanley Cup, taking the Best-of-five series 3-2.

1932- Game Two was moved to Toronto. The Maple Leafs went on to win the Best-of-5 series 3-0.

1933- Like the pervious year, Game Two was moved to Toronto. The Ranger did win the Best-of-5 series 3-1 and the cup.

1937- Against Detroit, Game Two was moved to Detroit. The Red Wings won the Best-of-five 3 games to 2.

1940- Nineteen Forty...God, I miss that chant. The Rangers were forced to play on consecutive nights in Games One and Two, but as we all know, they went on to beat the Maple Leafs 4-2 in a Best-of-seven series.

1950- The last time. Once again played with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Games Two and Three were forced to be played on Toronto ice. The Rangers lost 4-3 in a Best-of-Seven.

This night, the ACTHL grow. The Core of Four, were join by two new   comers, Tommy from the West Village and Craig from Cape Hill, PA. Tommy for his first time out, got shutdown twice by both Adam and James. He was out scored 15-0. I hope that Tommy wasn't discouraged, we would like to see him return for December 14th's league games. Remember, "Practice Make Prefect".

On the other hand, Craig from PA. was introduced to the ACTHL having to face the league leader in Philip Valensi. On his Munro table, Philip has outscored his opponents 45-12. Craig held his own until the middle of the third period. The final score was 6-3. Philip now has a instant rivalry with the challenger from Cape Hill Pennsylvania. Craig finished the night going 2-1, with victories against Jerry, 4-2 on Jerry's Coleco Stanley Cup game and a "Home" win (on Philip's Bobby Hull Munro table) against James 14-7. If Craig can attend more of these ACTHL games, I feel he can finish in the top three in points at seasons end. I wouldn't want to face him in the ACTHL Playoffs (bite my tongue).

After starting the season with a 0-2 record, James rebounded going 2-1, with wins over Jerry and Tommy. These two victories helped James get within 4 points of league leading Philip Valensi.

The ACTHL leader Philip Valensi, only got a chance to play two games this night. The first, was a close battle between Craig Sierak, and the second match was the first regular season meeting between Philip and Jerry. In the two pre-season meetings (both) played on Jerry's Coleco table, Jerry won one game 6-2 and Philip took next game 6-4. Once again these two combat on the same table. Jerry overwhelmingly defeats Philip 5-1. Jerry going 1-2 on the evening, still only a stones throw away out of first place with 6 points.

Because the games that were planned, got cut short, some of the ACTHL members will have to take on there road warrior personas come December 14th. Both Philip and Jerry, will play three of their four December games on the road. Jerry will face-off with fellow Eagle/Coleco table player James on James's Eagle Hockey Night In Canada Game. The true test comes for Jerry, when he plays on the Munro tables (first time this season) taking on both Philip and Craig. Although, I'm not sure what table Craig will be bringing (Rod Games Only/2D Players in ACTHL League Games). The one "Home" game for Jerry will be against Philip. 

As for Philip, three "Away" games on two Coleco's (Adam & Jerry) and one Eagle (James). This might mean revenge for both James and Adam, as they are picked apart in the season opener by Philip on his "Home" table 8-16 and 2-15. And, can Jerry continue his "Home" winning streak too two games over Philip?

What on the line in December? With three "Home" games on the schedule for James, including an "Away" game at Adam's; James could come away with a 4-0 evening and 8 points (Grand Total of 12). Adam also has three "Home" games next month, and could conceivably walk away the ACTHL leader going into the new year. The X-Factor is Craig. Will the guy from Cape Hill continue to impress? Or was the 9th just beginners luck?

Stay Tuned!!!