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Rules of the game: game rules:

B-1-0/The game will be played in three 5 minute periods, for a total of 15 minutes of regulation time.

B-1-1/If after 15 minutes of regulation time; there is no winner of the match, a "NO CLOCK" sudden death overtime will be played.

B-2-0/The scoring system for a Round-Robin Tournament will be as follows:

Win=10 Points

Runner-Up=5 Points

All Players attending a monthly meet=2 Points

B-3-0/A player can't be elimitamed  from a Round-Robin until he has played both (1) "Home" game and (1) "Away" game.

B-3-1/Each player/team will have an even amount of home games and away games.

B-3-2/When a player/team has a home game; that player must provide his or her Table Hockey Game, or forefit "Home" advantage. 

B-3-3/Table Hockey Games can be manufactured by any company, as long as it receives the majority of the leagues approval. Classic table (rod) hockey tables desired. Table hockey games such as Stiga and Wayne Gretsky games will be placed in their own separate leagues.

B-3-4/Although, this league is consider a Classic Table Hockey league (players are 2 dimensional), 3 dimensional players with be permitted, but placed in a separate league.

B-3-5/Only one kind of game players are allowed on the playing surface in a match. Either, the match is played with all 2 dimensional players, or all 3 dimensional players.

B-3-6/Game players can be make of either plastic or metal (tin).