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Rules Of The Invitational

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Not Open For Discussion or Debate

The following rules of the tournament have been carefully thought through, and will not change before or during the ACTHL Invitational.
  • Only pucks that stay in the net/goal pit are considered goals. The day of the invitational, a hanging device made of soft material will be issued to each player. The device is designed to prevent bounce-backs out on the net. The device will not damage the nets. The device was made to prevent arguements between players, "Did it go in the net?" "I saw it go in the net". This tournament/invitational was created so that we could have fun, and not squabble with one another. Only pucks that stay in the net/goal pit are considered goals.
  • All games will be five (5) minutes in length.
  • No Overtime games until the Championship Series
  • A CD will be used to do the following: Countdown five (5) minutes before each opening face-off. While music plays in the background, the halfway mark will be called. At the one (1) minute, :30 seconds and :10 seconds remaining in the game, these marks will also be announced. 
  • It will be during the five (5) minute Countdown that ALL scores will be recorded. Players will be asked to remain that the game they JUST played on, until that games score in recorded. You then may go on to the next table to play, smoke or bathroom break until the face-off whistle blows.
  • Face-off goals don't count until the championship series (ONLY WITH A REFEREE DO FACE-OFF GOALS COUNT).
  • A bucket of wooden pucks will be at each game. After each game has been play, PLEASE look on ground for fallen pucks, and put back in buckets.
  • If a tin/plastic player falls off the rod, the player remains on the playing surface until that team gains possession of the puck. Play can be halted at that point to fix the fallen player. Clock continues to run as repairs are made.
  • If a puck can not be played behind the net; the defensive player has two choices 1) He can call for a face-off at center ice. 2) He can move the puck to his nearest defensemen. In both cases, that player must tell his opponent his intentions BEFORE touching the puck. Please call "Face-Off" or "Pass" depending on your actions. Failure to do so, will result in the lose of possession. At that point, player awarded the puck can choose to give the puck to either left or right winger.  


The Invitational with begin with a Group Draft. Names of all the tournament players will be placed in a hat (DEVILS). Determined by the number of players, we will have either 2-4 groups. These groups could have as little as 4 players, too as many as 6 players.

In the opening round, each player will play each player in his/her group both once at "HOME" & once "AWAY". Two points are awarded for a win. Goals scored will be used as a tiebreaker in ALL rounds. If players are tied after each round, the Head-To-Head record will be used as the TOP tiebreaker to determine advancement in the invitational.

After the opening round, we will take a break for lunch. It will be at this time that the judges will determine which player advances to which group/class (World, Player & Novice). Remember, ALL players advance to the second round.

The second round will be played just like the opening round, only you will be placed in group with players of your own caliber. It is here that winning & losing could mean the difference between going to the Championship round or going home.

The Top Four (4) players from each class advance to the Championship Series. The Championship Series will be the Best-Of-Five.

Referees will handle face-off's. Time will still be kept by the CD Timekeeper. Goals on face-offs COUNT THIS TIME. Time is continuous. Referees MUST get both players to center ice for fast moving face-offs.

Awards will be handed out as each Class Championship Series finishes.

Good Luck To You All!!!

Adam Zawislak & Jerry Randell

ACTHL Founders







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