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Scouting Reports


A very tenacious player.  Once his center touches the puck, consider it in the net.  When playing Jerry, One thing that one must be concerned with, is rebounds in front of the net.  If Jerry's center touches a rebound, its curtains for the opponent.


Has a reaper like center. In the style of Mike Bossy his center is a "Garbage Collector", if you leave the puck out front, he'll pick it up and make you pay for it. When Jerry ON, his wingers pass back to the defensemen can cause chaos, and most times they'll find the net. 


Weakness:  Has a tendency to get beat on combinations.

Weakness: If down by two or more goals, Jerry seems to press too even the score. This allows for his opponents offense to pass threw a relaxed defense.



Strengths: Has a deadly hard shot with the roller puck, especially from the defensemen. Fastest shot in the league.

Weakness: Master of the Munro Bobby Hull game, but can be beat on a Coleco. I would like before mid-season, he'll master the Coleco table as well.



A very methodical and patient player.  James is an exceptional passer, especially with his wings.  He is a very adept at passing the puck behind the goal and can easily lull his opponent into a funk from his quick passing skill.

Weakness: Has tendency to give the wing clear shots at the net. If goalie is slightly out of place, its in the twine.

Strengths: Looks for opening, while making nice passes. Patented passing behind the net, while chess-style mind plots your demise. James could be down by a pair, but never out of a game.

Weakness: At times leaves hand off the goalie while on the defensive.



Very quick hands. excellent passer. Can play a power or finesse style which makes him a very formidable player.  Is very skilled with his wings and can either beat you with a pass from these guys or turn around and surprise you with a quick and accurate shot from the slot.

Weakness: Is fallible to shots made by the defensemen and at times will concentrate more on the center, than the wings.