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To score goals, you need to create openings. One way to do this is by pulling the defenders away from the actual shooter. 

Here the left winger starts from the top of the blue line. The defender ( if he or she is a good defensive player ) will cut down the angle between the winger and the goalie.

You need to move your left winger along the boards, luring the defensemen closer to his goalie.

Once the defensemen is below the face-off circle,  send the puck around behind the goalie and move your right winger to the lower portion of the face-off circle. This should draw the other defender down leaving a wide open view of center ice and at least 50% of the goal mouth exposed.

To make this play work, you need to practice your back hand pass back to the right defenseman at the top of the key.

By pulling your opponents defensemen down low, you can rocket a slap shot pass a fooled trio.