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"Easy" Edward Zawislak
7/27/1939 - 3/25/2007


The Lucky 13

Back Row: (Left to Right) Craig Sierak (PA.), Tony Sciacca (NY.), Edward Power (NY.), John Power (NY.), Jerry Randell (NY.), Joe Gurney (PA.), Jerome Ellison (PA.), Steve Bernstein (MA.), Vic Handel (CT.) Bottom Row: (Left to Right) James Friedl (NY.), Steve Dowell (PA.), Adam Zawislak (NJ.), Greg Scoma (VA.)

Adam Zawislak with 2007 Champion Steve Bernstein



Adam Z with John Power


World Group 3rd Place Winner Greg Scoma


Player Group Champion & Good Guy Joe Gurney


The Score Chickz (Cecilia & Kim)



World Group
Player Group
Steve Bernstein
MA. Benej
Joe Gurney

PA. Benej
John Power
NY. Labelle
Adam Zawislak

NJ. Coleco
Greg Scoma
VA. Labelle
Vic Handel
CT. Labelle

I would like to thank all the players who joined yesterdays (Saturday March 10th) 2nd Annual "Bring Your Own Game" Tournament. With players competing from six different states & multiple vintage games, these were the ingredients for a good time.

The day started out with a total of 13 players playing in a "Home" & "Away" format on vintage games (flat player design Tin or Plastic). In the opening round, each player played a total of 12 "Home" & 12 "Away" games 24 games in total.

Here are the results after the opening round:

John Power: 21-0-3 (45 Points)

Steve Bernstein: 18-3-3 (39 Points)

Tony Sciacca: 14-6-4 (32 Points)

Steve Dowell: 12-7-5 (29 Points)

Greg Scoma: 11-8-4 (26 Points)

Craig Sierak: 12-11-1 (25 Points)

Ed Power: 10-11-3 (23 Points)

Joe Gurney: 8-12-4 (20 Points)

Jerome Ellison: 8-13-3 (19 Points)

Adam Zawislak: 8-13-3 (19 Points)

James Freidl: 5-14-5 (15 Points)

Vic Handel: 6-17-1 (13 Points)

Jerry Randell: 1-20-3 (5 Points)

After the opening round Tony Sciacca had to leave. That Moved Ed Power into the "World Group" with John Power, Steve Bernstein, Steve Dowell, Greg Scoma and Craig Sierak. Players representing the "Players Group" were Joe Gurney, Jerome Ellison, Adam Zawislak, James Friedl, Vic Handel and Jerry Randell.

Here are the results for the "World Group" after the second round:

Steve Bernstein: 7-2-1 (15 Points)

Steve Dowell: 5-3-2 (12 Points)

John Power: 5-3-2 (12 Points)

Greg Scoma: 4-2-4 (12 Points)

Ed Power: 2-7-1 (5 Points)

Craig Sierak: 1-7-2 (4 Points)

The Top 4 Players advanced top the playoffs #1 vs. #4 & #2 vs. #3.

Here are the results for the "Players Group" after the second round:

Adam Zawislak: 8-1-1 (17 Points)

Jerome Ellison: 5-1-4 (14 Points)

Joe Gurney: 5-4-1 (11 Points)

Vic Handel: 4-4-2 (10 Points)

James Friedl: 3-5-2 (8 Points)

Jerry Randell: 0-9-1 (1 Point)

The Top 4 Players advanced top the playoffs #1 vs. #4 & #2 vs. #3.

In the Best-Of-Five series in the "World Group" #1 Steve Bernstein (Benej) faced off against Greg Scoma (Labelle).In Game 1 Greg took away Home Ice advantage with a surprising 5-1 road win on Steve Bernstein's Benej game. Steve quickly regained Home Ice advantage with a 1-0 shutout on Greg's Labelle game. Steve Bernstein then took the next two games, and the series with a 3-1 home win & 5-2 road win.

In the Best-Of-Five series between #2 Steve Dowell (Coleco) & #3 John Power (Labelle); Game 1 saw Steve Dowell take advantage of Home Ice, by shutting down the high-powered offense of John Power 1-0. John would regroup with three straight wins 6-3, 1-0 & 1-0 to take the series 3-1.

The World Group Championship was now set John Power vs. Steve Bernstein. The two battling it out for third place would be Steve Dowell vs. Greg Scoma.

In the Players Group, Vic Handel (Labelle) would face-off against Adam Zawislak (Coleco). In the Best-Of-Five series all the games were won by 1 goal. Adam Zawislak swept the series 3-0, with scores of 1-0, 2-1 & 1-0.

The series between #2 Jerome Ellison and #3 Joe Gurney would see the final three games go into overtime. Game 1 Joe Gurney shutout Jerome Ellison 1-0 on Jerome's Coleco game 1-0. Back on Home Ice, Joe had a strong battle had saw regulation time end with a 2-2 score. Wanting to take the 2-0 advantage was enough motivation for Joe to net the game winner in Game 2. Game 3 Jerome was facing elimination. Back home, Jerome was all business stoning Joe 1-0. The series was now 2-1 in favor of Joe Gurney. Game 4 was a mirror image of Game 2. The score was 2-2 at the end of regulation. Who would blink first? The answer was Jerome. Joe scores the OT winner & series winner. Joe would now face Adam Zawislak for the Players Championship.

The Best-Of-Seven series between Steve Dowell and Greg Scoma of third place in World Group, saw Greg take a early 2-0 lead in the series with a 2-1 Road win & a 3-2 Home OT victory. Steve Dowell came back in Game 3 with a 2-1 Home win. Game 4 Greg dominated at home, winning 4-1. Steve Dowell facing the end of his playoff life, pulls out a 3-0 shutout win at home. Game 5 was a defensive battle. The score was 1-1 at the end of regulation time. Home advantage was huge in this game. Greg scores the winning goal in OT, to take the series 4-2.

In the Best-Of-Seven series for third place in the Players Group, Vic Handel sweeps Jerome Ellison 3-2, 2-1, 3-1 & 4-5 in a hard fought series.

The Championship for the Players Group pitted Adam Zawislak (Coleco) against Joe Gurney (Benej). Joe Gurney surprised the tournament organizer by winning the series opener on the road in overtime 2-1. Then beats up Adam when he's down on the Benej game 4-0 in Game 2. Adam bounced back with a 6-0 drubbed in Game 3. In Game 4, a tight battle was won by Joe at home 2-1. It was do or die time for Adam Z. He had to win Game 5, and he did with a 3-0 shutout. Game 6 would carry both players into overtime. Home ice and taking Game 1 on the road helps Joe Gurney be crowned CHAMPION of the Players Group winning the game 2-1 & the series 4-2.

In the CHAMPIONSHIP of the World Group, the two favorites going into this tournament John Power & Steve Bernstein got a chance to play for the ACTHL CUP (Bring Your Own Game).

Earlier in the week, I (Adam Z) was informed at my father Ed Zawislak was losing his battling with cancer. My father was the first to buy me a table hockey game. From the age of 6 years old to 13, my father would practice with me almost every night after he arrived home from work. A special engraved shield was added to the trophy that reads "'Easy' Ed Zawislak, My Inspiration, My Teacher, My Father 2007". I Love You Dad. You will always be with me in heart & spirit.

The Championship series was would come down to which player could win on the other players Home game. Here is how the first five games finished:

Game 1: John 0 vs. Steve (Benej) 3

Game 2: Steve 1 vs. John (Labelle) 3

Game 3: John 1 vs. Steve (Benej) 4

Game 4: Steve 0 vs. John (Labelle) 3

Game 5: John 1 vs. Steve (Benej) 7

Game 6 would be the only game John Power would lose at home, including the entire tournament, but it would be the lose (0-5 shutout) that would crown Steve Bernstein ACTHL's "Bring Your Own Game" Tournament Champion.

Congrads! Steve. Hoist the CUP with pride, knowing that you beat 12 other players on different vintage (flat design)games.

Thank you ALL for coming, and I hope you had a good time!

See you next March 9th...Same Place...Same Time!

Adam Zawislak




2005-2006 Champion Craig Sierak


A Blurry picture of both 1st Place Trophies for "World" & "Player" Groups


The ACTHL CUP with the 2nd & 3rd Place Trophies of both "World" & "Player" Class



Little Pewter Guyz


3-On-3 Magnetic Action


Pedal Controlled Goalie


Slotless Action


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