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February 25, 2004

Hello All,  

The games on Saturday February 21st were outstanding. A number of teams moved up and down in the standings. The Brooklyn Eckfords (Roger Owens) still remains on top of the ACTHL Vintage league leader board. 


The playoff picture will fully develop after March 13th, but some of the players maybe taking themselves out of the picture. Missing since October, both Mighty Ducks (Wally Jabs) and the Mad Dogs (Derrick Jabs) seem to be this seasons Chris Johnston and Shadow Cats (Rush Miller). 


On the same lines, I have seem to have lost contact with the Tazmanian Rangers (Patrick Mulholland). All e-mail's come back with a ADMIN. ERROR. I fear that Patrick may have lost or quit his job, seeing that the address I have is for his work place. Keep your fingers crossed that Patrick shows up on the 13th.


The fight for first place in the Vintage league looks like a three man race. The Brooklyn Eckfords (33-5-9) has a 15 point lead over second place Moscow Dynamos (Andrey Krukov)26-6-8. But, the Dynamos have seven games in hand. That's a possible 14 point that could be made up in a heartbeat. Also in the picture are the Valkyries (Paul Vershbow) with a 25-14-6 record, with a total of 56 points with 12 games remaining. The Valkyries have informed me that their is a good chance that the team might miss March 13th games do to business matters. If this is the case, the Valkyries could fall as far as seventh place come sundown March 13th. 


Another rumor, has the Mechanicsburg Moose (Kim Hartmoyer) unable to attend the Playoffs/Championship on April 17th, due to family affairs. I hope this is not the case, but we would totally understand. Kim has been one of the best stories this year. The first woman to join ACTHL, and a true combatant. Having known this up close and personal, losing 0-5 & 0-1. Her talents could be missed if she can't attend.


Saturday turned out some excellent efforts by teams looking to make a move towards the playoffs. After tearing his Achilles tendon playing soccer, Andrey Krukov (Moscow Dynamos) came back to Hoboken with a crutch and an folding chair, looking intently on regaining the ACTHL Vintage title. Beginning the afternoon, the Dynamos were 6 points behind second place Valkyries (Paul Vershbow). Crucial wins against fourth place Charlestown Chiefs (James Friedl) 4-3 and fifth place Express (Craig Sierak) 3-1, set up the game of the evening between the Dynamos and the first place Brooklyn Eckfords.


After going 8-1-4 Saturday afternoon, the Dynamos moved into soul possession of second place. Now, only 17 point behind the league leaguer with 7 fewer games played, it was number one Roger Owens vs. Andrey Krukov. The two players fought a tight battle, but the limping 2002-2003 ACTHL champion took today's fracas 5-3.


The Charlestown Chiefs, thou missing Januarys games, returned to try to hang onto fourth place. James went 6-4-0 during this months games, but lost ground to Craig Sierak & the Express who moved from 7th place to fourth. The Express went an impressive 7-3-4, picking up 18 points to pass both the NJ Scorpions (Adam Zawislak) and the Chiefs. 


After Saturdays games, here is how the playoff picture looks:










There is still one month to go, and anything can change. Questions to be answered; Can the Dynamos catch the Eckfords down the stretch? Will Phil Valensi & the Staten Island Owls reappear to play in the playoffs, or fly the coop? Can the Scorpions find the scoring touch, or will they have to play Devils style hockey. We will have to see in the upcoming months. I'm still looking for someone to write the Stiga game summaries.


Here are February's Vintage & Stiga scores:


Score Teams Score 21-Feb-04
1 Chiefs @ Eckfords 6 Eckfords
1 Express @ Eckfords 1 TIE
0 Scorpions @ Eckfords 3 Eckfords
0 Vomit @ Eckfords 2 Eckfords
NS Tazmanian Rangers @ Eckfords W Eckfords
6 Eckfords @ Valkyries 1 Eckfords
0 Express @ Valkyries 5 Valkyries
3 Express @ Valkyries 2 Express
1 Scorpions @ Valkyries 0 Scorpions
NS Owls @ Valkyries W Valkyries
0 Vomit @ Valkyries 3 Valkyries
3 Eckfords @ Dynamos 5 Dynamos
2 Valkyries @ Dynamos 3 Dynamos
3 Chiefs @ Dynamos 4 Dynamos
4 Express @ Dynamos 2 Express
3 Hip Cats @ Dynamos 4 Dynamos
1 Vomit @ Dynamos 1 TIE
NS Tazmanian Rangers @ Dynamos W Dynamos
5 Valkyries @ Chiefs 4 Valkyries
3 Express @ Chiefs 4 Chiefs
Score Teams Score
1 Hip Cats @ Chiefs 8 Chiefs
NS Owls @ Chiefs W Chiefs
0 Vomit @ Chiefs 2 Chiefs
3 Chiefs @ Scorpions 2 Chiefs
0 Dynamos @ Scorpions 0 TIE
1 Vomit @ Scorpions 1 TIE
2 Express @ Scorpions 2 TIE
W Eckfords @ Owls NS Eckfords
W Scorpions @ Owls NS Scorpions
W Express @ Owls NS Express
NS Tazmanian Rangers @ Owls NS No Winner
3 Dynamos @ Express 1 Dynamos
1 Chiefs @ Express 4 Express
3 Scorpions @ Express 3 TIE
NS Owls @ Express W Express
1 QHD @ Express 3 Express
NS Tazmanian Rangers @ Express W Express
3 Eckfords @ Hip Cats 1 Eckfords
0 Valkyries @ Hip Cats 2 Hip Cats
2 Dynamos @ Hip Cats 2 TIE
1 Scorpions @ Hip Cats 1 TIE
NS Owls @ Hip Cats W Hip Cats
0 Express @ Hip Cats 0 TIE
W Chiefs @ Tazmanian Rangers NS Chiefs
W Scorpions @ Tazmanian Rangers NS Scorpions
W Hip Cats @ Tazmanian Rangers NS Hip Cats
NS Mad Dogs @ Tazmanian Rangers NS No Winner
2 Dynamos @ Moose 2 TIE
1 QHD @ Moose 1 TIE
W Dynamos @ Ducks NS Dynamos
NS Owls @ Ducks NS No Winner
NS Tazmanian Rangers @ Ducks NS No Winner
W Moose @ Ducks NS Moose
W QHD @ Ducks NS QHD
3 Dynamos @ Vomit 1 Dynamos
2 Hip Cats @ Vomit 0 Hip Cats
NS Tazmanian Rangers @ Vomit W Vomit
NS Mad Dogs @ Vomit W Vomit
3 Eckfords @ QHD 1 Eckfords
1 Valkyries @ QHD 0 Valkyries
5 Dynamos @ QHD 1 Dynamos
4 Hip Cats @ QHD 0 Hip Cats
1 Vomit @ QHD 3 QHD
W Valkyries @ Mad Dogs NS Valkyries
W Moose @ Mad Dogs NS Moose



Score Teams Score Winner
6 Hip Cats @ Ice Demons 0 Hip Cats
2 Vomit @ Ice Demons 2 TIE
5 Eckfords @ Ice Demons 1 Eckfords
2 Express @ Ice Demons 1 Express
6 Dynamos @ Vomit 1 Dynamos
3 Hip Cats @ Vomit 0 Hip Cats
1 Express @ Vomit 3 Vomit
1 Chiefs @ Express 2 Express
7 Dynamos @ Express 4 Dynamos
0 Vomit @ Chiefs 1 Chiefs
5 Eckfords @ Chiefs 1 Eckfords
2 Express @ Chiefs 3 Chiefs
2 Dynamos @ Eckfords 4 Eckfords
1 Chiefs @ Hip Cats 6 Hip Cats
3 Hip Cats @ Dynamos 3 TIE
1 Vomit @ Dynamos 6 Dynamos
4 Express @ Dynamos 7 Dynamos