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Welcome To ACTHL

On March 11th, 2006 we began a new chapter in the book of the American Continental Table Hockey League. The league began in October of 2002. A small group of strangers that met once a month, in Hoboken, New Jersey. Once a dream of two friends, to find other table hockey players in the NY, NJ, PA & CT area. The league grew each and every year.
That time & place is now!
Once a year current, former and invited guests will meet at the Days Inn in Parsippany, New Jersey. From 10:00 in the morning until around 8:00 at night, these players will battle it out on vintage table hockey games in a "Home" & "Away" format to crown a ACTHL Champion. PLAYERS BRING YOUR GAMES, THEY WILL NOT BE PROVIDED UNLESS SOMETHING IS ARRANGED BETWEEN PLAYER & ME.
The 2nd of these Annual Invitational will be on March 10th. 12 players took part in the 1st Annual BYOG tournament who will answer the call this year?
That question will be answered on February 28th. The deadline to get in entry fee is on February 28th. Any entry fee received after February 28th will be returned. NO WALK-IN'S or ENTRYS AT THE DOOR. If you fail to show up for the tournament & have paid your entry fee, I'm sorry, but entry fee will not be returned.
No smoking will be permitted in the conference room in which we are playing. Smoking is permitted upstairs in the lobby (a 10 second walk) and or outside.
The Days Inn will provide Free Coffee, Tea and Water. Your entry fee will go to pay for our catered lunch, trophies & the conference room.
Thanks to the good folks at the Days Inn in Parsippany, they have discounted rooms for us at the cheap price of $48.00. All interested players should contact the Days Inn as early as possible to ensure that they can reserve a room for you. I will be there the night before and the night of the tournament.
I hope to see all of you on March 10th. Check back soon for updates on who's coming to the 2nd ACTHL Annual Bring Your Own Game Tournament. Keep in mind that Winners, Second & Third place finishers will be awarded trophies/awards in each of the two classes Player & World.
Adam Zawislak

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